Growth & Export is a small consultancy firm specialised in strategy- and market evaluations and sales support. I.e. focusing on growth, internationalisation and management decisions in the German and Nordic markets. 

We are based in Berlin, Malmö and Copenhagen while well connected internationally especially through european consultancy partners. Whether you represent a corporation, organisation or start up, we help investigate your prospects, options, customers or partners - in order to accelerate your development, decisions and growth.

Perhaps you ask yourself,
- What are the long term benefits of alternative development-, work process- or partner alternatives?
- Does market X present opportunitites and what defines our suspected new business prospects? 
- Where specifically are new customers to be found, who are they and are they willing to connect? 
- What type of behaviour among certain institutions or target groups affect our relative- or competitive advantages?
- Is direct sales, establishment, or a local partner the best and/or fastest growth option in the new market?

What we do to provide answers & opportunities
Growth & Export provides local guidance on the prospects and actions in the new market. We support clients from close to all business segments yet our experinces are especially strong from prior engagement in; ICT & cleantech, process industry, retail, health and services.

This typically implies that you have a need to assess a market, target group or plan. After reviewing your plans we subsequently investigate the specific local circum stances, possibly connect with new target groups, or evaluate your offerings and/or test your business proposal. Normally we find promising information, identify or even verify demand, or establish connections of value. And if we find proof of considerable risks or of limited demand, we openly share such findings and typically save a client a considerable amount of time and money. 

Your needs set the boundries of a joint project - perhaps different questions than those posed above require clarification? Corporate clients are often familiar with a market, dormant networks might need to be rejuvinated, or completely new ideas sparked off. Start up companies can be deeply entrenched in a development processes, with no immediate desire to promote themseleves, so we might seek distribution channels for future reference or valuable development networks, 

Track record
We take on demanding quick assignments, but client relations often extend into years. Our clients grow, projects lead to unexpected new opportunities, and parallell assignments are frequently planned in advance for multiple markets.

Growth & Export has 20+ years of experience from entrepreneurial work, public export and trade associations, from conducting management consultancy and from academic research. Our work includes frequent involvement in financial-, innovative- and growth oriented development programs. Growth & Export is registered in Berlin Germany. If you for instance primarily seek accountancy or legal support, we will connect you with the right corresponding expertise.

Our work is always aligned with a customer´s development plans, whether for instance representing your interests locally for swift execution, or when conducting strategic tasks and investigations. Growth & Export´s valued partners are listed below and we are happy to provide project estimates and client references. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, perhaps even just to acquire swift feed back on early optional plans!  


Pierre Brolin / Manager Growth & Export

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Growth & Export

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