Secret super geheim clandestine interdit prohibido hemlighetsfull background: Shlomit is cleared of her alien invasion!!! S works Thuursday the 18th of July and has a tour sunday 21st. Friday the 19th of July is the best party date. Around the 20/25th she wants to go to Sweden as she/we kick off a Nordic tour from Stockholm Sep 1st. And, Shlomit desires a party, has even mentioned a preference for a surprise party. So far I am convinced she has no clue what we are scheming, she hopes to throw a party mid or end Sep. 

So 19th of July is on and I hope you - all her best friends who treated her so well (!) this challenging last year - are able to attend!

LOCATION: Badestelle Große Steinlanke (link), Große Steinlanke, 14193 Berlin Link 

I scoped out the place which seems perfect. It took me 20 minutes to get there from Schöneberg. I saw only 2 other visitors, they were naked - image below. Badestelle Große Steinlanke INFO - swimming, fairly secluded and comparatively close to the city. Convenient parking , reachable by public transportation (ends early, check info above). My (Pierre´s) car is now full, if seats are available in other cars please keep sharing your status.

Assembly: From the dot indicated by the link above - a parking lot & bus station - its mere meters to the lake shore. Many small beaches follow after each other northwards along the shore. On Friday we will pick the first suitable clearing and exact beach for the party. So, just step down to the beach from the parking lot, turn right and follow the beach path until you find our group. One can not turn left (fenced off) and a forrest road follows the shore line in the woods, only Shlomit could possibly manage to get lost. 

Action hijacking plan: Shlomit thinks she has date for a scenic stroll with Ruti. The rest of us surprisingly await her arrival at location X. Please bear with us regarding the exact timing. Shlomit works at DW on the 19th, she starts early and is off by the evening but I/we need to coordinate how to hijack her, estimate travel time, speed up Shlomit´s inner Mediterranean clock etc. Yet Shlomit & Ruti may arrive appr 18/18.30? If you as a guest arrive around the same time, wear a cape and a batman mask and scope out the party status as cautiously as possible.

As planned let´s gather appr 17.30 pm. I (Pierre) will presumably arrive first to then share the exact choice of location on whatsapp. If someone arrives before me, please pick a beach spot. Ruti and I will be in touch to share updates on Rutis and Shlomits progress towards our group. 

Gluttony & frivolities: I hope as many as possible can attend! Also that its ok to hereby ask all of you to each bring something edible. Please coordinate what you bring in our Whatsapp thread (or with me). I will bring sekt (2 cases), beers (enough for all), water, sodas, fruit, crisps and candy. 

Kids, dogs, nudity – all are welcome, everything goes. I also bring a speaker (another is also brought by Vittoria/Jan), candles and a football, frisbee, beach boule. Do bring swimsuits, possibly e.g. waterguns (I bought 10) or additional games. 

Per 13.07.2024: A couple of friends need to arrive a little late but in total 21 people confirmed attendance.

FOOD LIST, no need to achieve a perfect menu, but to coordinate to some extent... We aim for a picknick and if need be we can always hunt something down and eat it as is. I bring cutlery, simple glasses and plates;

  • SURSTRÖMMING (Katharina)
  • Pasta salad, bruschette or little sandwiches, a cake (Vittoria / Jan) (editors comment: Mmmmmmm!)
  • Seasonal fruits and a tabbouleh salad (Limor)
  • home-made pastry and an English flan/quiche (Anette)
  • big salty fresh Salad and watermelon (Ruti)

Please let me know if I have failed to invite someone important to Shlomit, or forgot something else I need to highlight, suggest or solve. Preparation of a treasure hunt and/or a Shlomit bingo quiz has been suggested – great ideas, let´s coordinate!

See you on the 19th I hope! If you need to reach me: ph nr +49 0176 2049 2321 or Or of course use Whatsapp - our group name (for stragglers) is ´Bianca Castafiore´, this applies to the opera songstress from the comic book Tintin, not to risk S spotting a suspicious looking party label on anyone´s phone.

But, Shlomit may monitor my calls, I take the liberty of sharing that Ruti, Nirit, Osnat & Ronen, Uri, Vittoria & Jan most probably will be up to date with the plans or any last minute arrangements and I may use them as intelligence intermediaries, (If necessary, I hope this is ok) If the weather forecast appears too gloomy, we might need to stage the party e.g. at our place but I have spoken to Odin who is in a festive mood and I hope for the best. So far (July 16th) the weather forecast looks very promising.

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